How can you make the space look more open? 

Basements are like hidden gems that could has a wide array of potential. If you are one of the homeowners who is lucky enough to have a basement, don’t waste it by making it look creepy and just a place for you to stash things. Basement as mentioned before could add another room for just about anything. It could be an office, a playroom, a den, a studio or even a guest apartment. You just have to learn which ones are the best in making your basement finish Denver look the bomb. 

Decoration Ideas

So, here are some basement decoration ideas to make your basement the perfect bonus place for you.  

Plan the layout  

You need to plan the layout of the space. You need to think of how it would work best and how you can maximize the space that you have now. You have to put in mind that whatever the space is going to be used for will have to have the additions that will be needed to make that up. You have to then decide on a budget for the space and see what magic you can do for that.  

Play it safe with neutrals 

You may want to have really bold colors in the basement room, however, as much as they are eye catching, they can also make the space look and feel tight. So, you 

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Pick the open concept 

Open concept is a concept that revolves around the idea that one should not add dividers or walls that closes the area. To keep a space open, you should utilize the concept of that to ensure that you get every essential part of the house, while also keeping the open feel to the space.  

Put in the lights  

Another thing that you can make the basement feel more open is that you should add lights in strategic places. Your goal is to mimic natural light and mimic warmth from the outside. You can have something harsh but it would be much preferable if you keep the lights harsh but at the same time complementing and soft. That way you get the most of out of the lights without sacrificing aesthetics.  

Place the storage solutions  

Storage solutions would make the place feel awesome. Instead of stashing things into the space and making it look like you are hoarding things. You may want to consider making sure that you create or put in the extra effort to have storage. This may be through multifunctional appliance and furniture. That could have fun way of being functional yet hiding storage into maybe under or into pockets.